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Yimin Xiang

‘4 July’ is my first video work and my last work in Camberwell.

Some featured images

My idea of making this short film is to observe how people interconnected with each other and even with society. Instead of expressing the tension and stress of this virus pandemic, I try to find a daily state of mind with a realistic perspective. The effect of time on everything is shown through slow shutter speed shots, slow-motion shots and time-lapse processing of different scenes. Dividing my video into two-part is my first idea, the first chapter is mainly taken in my room, as an opening scene. Director Jakob Rorvik’s short film My Friend Kills the Time Gave me a lot of inspiration in video construction and shooting techniques, because of the quarantine, the life of the actor in the short film may resonate with many people. Although I decided to cancel this section at the last moment for the integrity of the film, I am still glad to have thought about this section. My second chapter is mainly street scenes, shooting around the place where I live. I specially select some intersections, where vehicles and people meet each other and examine everything around me from a bystander’s perspective.

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