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Silje Ree

Bookartbookshop Award 2020

Writing “is an attempt to face and confront the possibility of the language in which you write.”
– Yoko Tawada

My bilingual background was the starting point of my exploration of the visual and auditory comparisons between English and Norwegian. Through visual poetry and the medium of the book, I explore the interplay between words, languages and imagery, and find understanding within the untranslatable.

“Circus” – £10
My Friend from the Circus – £10
My Friend the Girl from the Circus (limited edition) – £30
Min venn jenta frå sirkuset (pre-order) – £15

Email to order.

I design, create and print books for Mellom Press, which I established as a devoted platform to multilingual visual poetry. “Mellom”, meaning “between” in Norwegian, represents the core value of the press, code-switching between languages. Mellom Press publishes small publications and artists’ books, exploring poetry, language and communication through fusing and layering of images and words. In addition, Mellom Press hosts group exhibitions online to share our passion for languages with a wider audience.

The multilingual visual poetry exhibition:

HOME is now open!

Instagram: Silje ReeMellom Press
Twitter: Silje ReeMellom Press

My books are often multimedia using handwriting, drawing, copying, letterpress and risograph printing. They explore memory and reminiscence through photography, language and layering, often in the context of nature and space. Within the books, my inner urge to connect and communicate is interfered with by the merging of languages.

“Min venn jenta frå sirkuset” part of European Poetry Festival Video-Poems : 2020, published in 3:AM Magazine.
The performance explores how revisiting a memory can impact and change it.

A micro-exhibition of the works from the “Circus” project displayed on the bookshelf in my bedroom.

Instagram: Silje ReeMellom Press
Twitter: Silje ReeMellom Press

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