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Rachael Causer

From Gestures, 2020

My work explores process, time and material remains, focussing on how traces relating to touch, repeated activity and labour can be embodied within everyday objects in our working and living environments. These works in porcelain explore imprint and gesture – the ways in which an object can form haptic relationships with another, both co-existing and impressing upon one another.  Hand-sized and tactile, they suggest things retain vestiges of their past.

Detail from In The Offing, cast porcelain tiles from worm-eaten wood, 2020
Detail from Drill Hole, 2019
Drill Hole, ceramic casts from surface of workbench, trestle table, 90cm x 180cm,

Instagram: @rachael.causer


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  1. Congratulations Rachael – your work is really beautiful and slightly eerie – I’m glad to have the chance to see it like this and look forward to one day seeing it in the flesh – with a glass of wine! Xxxx

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