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Pav Szymanski

Three Haitian Girls in Red
Haitian Girl with Butterflies
Disabled Palenque
Fragile Little Dreams
Dreaming About the Island Girl
Waiting for A Cocktail Called Pornstar
Lockdown with The Wheel of Fortune Seller
Bye Bye Wheel of Fortune Seller
Bye Bye Three Monks
Three Monks
The Bathing of Pearl Twink
Dialogue with Pearl Twink
Flower Girl from Batumi
One-Legged Pool Player
Thai Masseur
Three Monks Begging
Burmese Captain
Coach To Myiek
Ravens and Crows will Peck us to Pieces
Project Description

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds with harmonious melody.

My current research project questions responses from people, who are suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition through poverty and deprivation. I have spent my life travelling and recording human existence in the most distant and exotic locations in 99 countries. My project is a metaphorical attempt to formulate a response to my observations of people, who are entrapped in waiting, while being suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition.


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  1. The work really communicates aspects of peoples lives ,largely unknown .The work is engaging and exotic , thus drawing the viewer into the various scenarios.
    Looking forward to future developments

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