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Lauren Collier

I am interested by the ways in which photography and the constructed image can alter our perception and relation to the physical materiality of place within the digital world.

Using coastal landscape as a subject matter, I like to explore the indeterminacy between the physically material and the ‘simulated’ through imagery that plays with scale, surface and disruption. These works look at reimagining and reinterpreting our preconceived ideas of knowing our surroundings without physically experiencing them, bringing up ideas around fabrication, truth and authenticity.

Photographic inkjet print and moving image projection

Fragment II, woodcut, 34 x 26cm

Fragment III, woodcut, 34 x 26cm

Facade II, photographic inkjet print

Moving image projection

Left: Facade IV, woodcut projection and white corrugated card

Right: Facade V, woodcut with static and moving image projection on corrugated card

Distortion Series

Gallery proposal mock-ups




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