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Danielle Jacques

The Mercers’ Arts Awards 2020

About, duration 5 minutes

Danielle explores altered states of consciousness through photography, video, and audiovisual installation. She engages with the properties of ink, water, and light – dispersing, diffusing, diffracting, and embracing the unexpected – to develop a practice she describes as “meditation-in-action”. Through photography and film, she solidifies these visual meditations, so she may elongate, interpret, and share her experiences. Informed by psychology and perception theory she is interested in the impacts of sensory stimulation upon how we perceive our inner and outer worlds. Photos and videos are pushed through multiple modes of transformation, using both analogue and digital processes – layering, reflecting, stretching, scaling, and looping – each process bringing new depths to her illusions which surprise and delight.

Click the image to enter an immersive virtual environment.

Best viewed on a laptop or desktop using Chrome browser and headphones/earphones. Use the scroll on your mouse or track-pad to enter deeper.

It may take a few moments to load. So take this time to make yourself comfortable.

Watch Cyberdelic and then TAKE THE QUIZ to find out whether you entered an altered state of consciousness

The interactive virtual gallery was made with the generous help and expertise of Aristotle Roufanis. Sound was a collaboration with Simpl_Machine

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  1. Congratulations Danielle. I am certain your work will be a great success and you will achieve what you wish for it.

  2. Amazing Dannii I was transported by ‘Cyberdelic’ You are very talented and well deserve your Award. I look forward to following your career. Liz/Bee

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