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Changdan Wu

Living In / Between / Within

Living In – A state of existence in a space

Living Between – The inner space and the outer space in between

Living Within – A state of existence within a space

Living In / Between / Within

Drawing from the actual living space in different perspectives be presented from three points of view to look at the relationship between people as human being and the physical space we live in through three different ways. One be folded in book form, another one be shown on window, the last one of book be placed within part of actual living space in video.

Living In – Book without cover, it being in a vulnerable condition which like people as human being in the situation of coronavirus. Separated parts of drawing exists in book and also make the book in a complete state which similar to people exist in a living space but also as part of the space.  

Living Between – Drawing of living space as the inner space seems coexist with the outer space between the barrier of window. Similar to people can look at the outer space but can’t really be there because of the invisible barrier of coronavirus.

Living Within – Book with separated parts of drawing of space exist in whole within the real space which seems disconnected but the whole book as part of real space in different state. Similar to people as a complete part in different identities on earth.

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