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Aoife Higgins

Bookartbookshop Award 2020

Detail of journal page with date and collaged paper on yellow background

As a child, my nose was always buried in an encyclopedia or in my diary. Both of these books offer escapes from daily life, and both contain information we believe to be true. When we look between the hard leather covers of an encyclopedia, we expect anything written inside to be true. If we were to peek inside someone’s diary, we would expect that information to be true, but in a different way. I think that a diary brings us closer to real truth than any reference book can. The editor of an encyclopedia can be fairly certain that the knowledge they have collected is correct, but the author of a diary knows it.

I have been using the frameworks of diaries and reference books to record and explore my life. For my Journal project I painted specimens of plants and animals I encountered on my daily walks. It is somewhere between a diary and a field notebook.

Journal copies: £22

Prints of individual pages: £6

Postage included. Email me at to order.


These pages are the start of an encyclopedia of my thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Prints: £10, postage included. Email me at to order.

Field Notes

These are notes from walking around in fields.


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  1. Your art is both scientific and artistic. Creative, on the highest order. I’ve ordered two journals (one as a gift) and your work is exquisite. Georgia O’Keeffe said “realism is the death of art”. Your work is the opposite of that. Thank you ?
    Lucy Pond

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